Who We Are?

CERG (Century Energy&Resources Group) is fast growing group, aslo the leading  supplier of high quality Rare Earths and finished products of Calcite and Dolomite, CERG owns two premier Calcite mines and one Dolomite mine in Anhui, China. CERG is a resources-based group, it manufactures and markets broad range of mineral products related to Rare Earths and Calcium Carbonate globally.

The group creates more and more precious business opportunities around the globe by satisfying expectations from exiting markets and customer's as well as constantly developing new products and services to the potential new markets. In the business, the company insists to offer consistent products with high quality standard, dedicated sales and superior services to all customers.

Recently in China, the disposal of waste cooking oil is the key problem on the government agenda, as the responsible enterprise, we also have the duty to take care of the environment issues, we are now planing our biofuel processing facilities in Anhui province, and we will start our biofuel business in coming years.

Why Choose Us?

CERG values the sustainable and durable business with our partners, and we understand how to keep this relationship, not only by providing quality and cost-effective products, and also by value the importance of transparency, honesty and fairness, with CERG, every business will be well concerned, whatever big or small, every detail will be carefully considered, from the product, the package to the transportation.

Our Vision   "Stay Visionary"

Stay Visionary, so we know our future directions; Stay Visionary, so we can adjust our steps; Stay Visionary, so we can keep to our goals.

Our Missions

To supply high quality mineral products with best price.
To work as the most-preferred suppliers and partners of our customers.
To reduce the mineral resources imbalance between locations.

Corporate Governance

CERG is committed to conducting the business in compliance with all applicable laws, statutes, rules and regulations and expects employees acting on its behalf to do likewise. Business dealings among Employees and by employees with customers, suppliers, any organizations, and governmental and regulatory authorities must be based on principles of honesty, integrity and ethical standards.

We are dedicated to ensuring each of our business practice is compatible with the economic, environmental and social priorities of every country where we conduct our business. Although clients may differ by locations and standards of ethics may vary in different business environments, but the honesty and integrity will always be took as our first priority.

Social Accountability and Environmental Care

CERG respects and safeguards the rights of our employees, and we also value the sustainability of environment, so we do our best for the prevention of pollution to the environment in all of our activities.

Thank you for your information, you will hear from us promptly.